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sketchbook app crud by ShadowpawMFur sketchbook app crud :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 1 0 DeviantArt ID, 03-06-2014 by ShadowpawMFur DeviantArt ID, 03-06-2014 :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 1 1 rolling sky plains by ShadowpawMFur rolling sky plains :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 0 captured paradise by ShadowpawMFur captured paradise :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 0
Gone nowhere.
Take a few steps back.
Looking down, at your feet,
Realizing that you're back where you started.
Starting again.
You're here, and you're not.
Feel your heart,
But your hand just goes right through.
Hard to think straight.
Keep repeating, repeating myself.
Keep repeating those words, those sounds, those things.
The bumblebees, they won't hurt me,
They don't bother you.
Not like how your absence bothers me.
But you're not gone.
But you are.
But you're here.
Singing in the kitchen,
A lullaby for a heart,
Broken too many times.
Hard to sing when you keep crying.
I hate crying, it hurts, hurts so bad.
Can't close my eyes, because the tears are still there,
And it keeps the cycle going.
This vicious cycle.
It keeps going.
I want it to stop.
But I don't want to stop.
I'm not going to.
You can't make me.
No matter, it doesn't matter,
All that matters is that I keep you close.
Where you can never leave.
Don't leave m
:iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 0
shoes 2 by ShadowpawMFur shoes 2 :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 2 0 shoes by ShadowpawMFur shoes :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 1 0 red star by ShadowpawMFur red star :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 0 Walking on stars by ShadowpawMFur Walking on stars :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 0 floor by ShadowpawMFur floor :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 0 Football? Busy training, ttyl. by ShadowpawMFur Football? Busy training, ttyl. :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 1 9 i hear and i forget by ShadowpawMFur i hear and i forget :iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 7
Writing Practice 3e, Casters
Browsing the library for a book on earth magic for his Magical Theories report, Malcolm froze in his tracks when he noticed Alex dutifully taking notes on another ritual in her book at a table nearby. He debated on whether or not he should walk up to her, but his curiosity once again coaxed him to approach her. She looked up and scowled as soon as she realized it was him, but she refused to move from her spot as she continued her work. "What do you want now?"
He shrugged, knowing she was watching him from the corner of her eye as he took the seat across from her. "Just wanted to talk." Eyeing the diagrams she was drawing before politely looking away, he examined her face instead as she went back to ignoring him. Her eyebrows were furrowed in concentration as she tried to accurately copy the lines in the book, and his eyes trailed down the loose strands of hair that had escaped from her sloppy ponytail. He wondered if she had slept at all the night before, because she looked exha
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Writing Practice 3d, Casters
Malcolm passed Alex in the hallway, and he ignored Reggie's questioning grunt when he executed an about-face and followed her through the crowd. He was on a mission to befriend this woman; she was interesting and a challenge, and it had now become a matter of honor. I've never had so much trouble trying to get someone to talk to me. He jogged around a corner only to nearly smack into her as she tried to find a way around the blockade of people in front of a bulletin board.
She noticed Malcolm when his arm accidentally brushed against hers, and she huffed softly before turning ninety degrees and stalking off in another direction, intent on losing him. He hurried after her, calling out her name as he tried to snag her sleeve. She slipped between two women deep in conversation, and he quickly apologized as he butted between them to run after her. What a stubborn girl! He couldn't believe she was the same age as him. She acts like she's sixteen, not twenty.
She finally
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Writing Practice 3c, Casters
In Combat Arts class at the end of the day, Malcolm watched with interest as Alex grabbed a bloodstained dagger. Today, their instructor said, they were going to practice summoning lesser creatures in magic circles, and as he dusted the wooden staff he had rescued from the pile he watched her roll up her sleeves to lay the edge on her arm, sizing it up and mouthing calculations. She's going to cut herself? He automatically looked for old wounds, but her arms were unmarred as she switched arms to decide which she'd prefer to use.
When it was her turn to practice in the center of the classroom, she stepped forward with her chin held high, deliberately ignoring the whispers that started up at the sight of the dagger. He heard the words "demon mage" and "invoker" throughout the room, and his thoughts went back to the last book she was reading. Sympathetic hisses were given when she dragged the edge across her wrist, and as she created the circle with her blood Malcolm realized that
:iconshadowpawmfur:ShadowpawMFur 0 2
Writing Practice 3b, Casters
The next time Malcolm found her, it was with an entirely different book in her hands. He gawked at the demonology tome she had hidden behind her textbook in class, and he wondered what made her switch magical subjects. Is it my fault? The idea was highly unlikely, considering both types of magic were rarely studied in the school. Maybe she's just an oddball. Or a psychopathic killer.
The teacher had revealed her name to him when he was doing attendance, so he now knew how to grab her attention. "Psst," he hissed, glancing at the blackboard that the instructor was writing on. "Alex!"
She lowered her books and glanced around in confusion, as if she didn't think anyone would be trying to get her attention. When she noticed him waving at her a few seats back, her expression immediately closed, and she picked up her book again to continue examining what looked like a diagram for a ritual.
Cursing under his breath, Malcolm picked up his pen and tossed it at her, grinning
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Dragon Lover, Queen of the Macarena
Currently living in North Carolina, with bills and story ideas breathing down my neck and signs of insanity making me question reality.

Facts about me
-Loves dragons and other mythical creatures
-Sometimes does silly things at Wal-Mart like carry toilet plungers, and the Macarena
-Has trouble finishing stories because of her short attention span
-Is a grammar/spelling nazi at times
-Organizes her stuff for fun, but hates cleaning

"Ouch. If there are any words to live by, "never punch a frozen turkey" are some of them."
"You know, I bet Subtlety had a heart attack when he learned that Chivalry had died."
"Even if I ate clouds, I wouldn't be experiencing more fluffiness than this."
"OH MY- I'm so stupid. I went to reheat my tea by putting it in the fridge. -headdesks-"
~Common sense, Megan is looking for you in the deli section, please reunite with her there.~
"And I make typos soemtimes."
"Oh, I could tell you some things, but then I'd have to tell other things, and those other things are the things that I don't want to tell, let alone some things. So, I will tell you nothings."
"If you try to avoid doing wrong, you prevent yourself from doing right."
"BUTBUTBUT." "...That is a very convincing argument. However, I must decline your offer."
"Why is it smoking?" "'Cause it's on fire."
"Umm...I think we corrupted him to the Dark Side by accident -_-;" "Accident? No, my dear, that was entirely intentional. I'm evil, you know."
...wait, you mean my mind thinks? *holds head* WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS?
"You'd be the Dragon and I'd be the Dragon Knight." "...don't you mean the DRAGONITE?"
  • Listening to: clocks ticking, friends on Skype.
  • Reading: my own stuff. :B
  • Watching: Game Grumps.
  • Playing: Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Eating: BBQ seasoned pork jerky.
  • Drinking: white grape juice.
It's been a while since I've been on here. I had, like, 12,000 alerts on here. :B

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